Audio Transcription Specialists


Audio Transcription Specialists

Board of Certified Court Reporters

 The Board started issuing temporary certificates effective July 1, 2000.  Persons cannot engage in the stenographic reporting of proceedings in any court in this state and shall not take stenographic depositions in this state for use in any court in this state unless the person is certified pursuant to Title 32, Chapter 40 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.

Please visit for a list of current certified court reporters, as well as other pertinent information."

    Arizona Reporting Service, Inc. enthusiastically welcomes this certification.  This certification will verify that reporters have mastered a body of knowledge in order to perform their jobs competently from the outset.  This certification will verify that reporters have achieved a threshold skill level to perform competently in real-world settings.  This certification will ensure accountability.  This certification will raise the level of performance of court reporters for their own benefit and that of legal community at large.

Condensed Transcripts accepted by Superior Court

Rules of the Supreme Court
VIII. Superior Court Administration
Rule 91 (h)(2) Uniform Size of Electronic and Paper Transcripts.

"A deposition transcript, reduced in size, consisting of not more than four pages of text printed on one 8 1/2 by 11 inch page, may be furnished."  (Added Oct. 10, 2000, effective Dec. 1, 2000.  Amended Sept. 18, 2006, effective Jan. 1, 2007.)


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